National Institute of Tanning Certified
Certified Vegan Products
No Animal Testing


The Process:

A certified spray tan specialist delivers a 100% UV-free tan. This leaves you with the perfect bronzed glow, all with the convenience and comfort you deserve.

Before Your Spray Tan Appointment

PREPARE YOUR SKIN: It is best to wax or shave the day BEFORE your appointment. Thoroughly exfoliate your
body paying special attention to any dry areas like, elbows, knees and feet.
AVOID: Body moisturizers and deodorant as they will block your tan! Do not wear EITHER to your tanning session.
CLOTHING: Wear loose dark clothing and flip flops to your session.

All of our Tans include PH Balancing or Prep Spray, Barrier Cream for Hands and feet, Plastic Cap for Hair protection, sticky feet to protect soles of feet

and nose, and lip and protection.

How To Care For Your  Tan

STAY DRY: Do not shower, exercise, or get wet for 4 hours to achieve maximum results.
MOISTURIZE: Your tan will last longer on well hydrated skin. We recommend moisturizing twice a day. You can expect your tan to last 7-10 days
AVOID: Soaking in a bath and chlorine pools, sea water will fade your tan.
REMEMBER: You must use sunscreen to protect against sunburns. After rinsing tan you will seem very light, the next day the tan will be fully developed and that day will be your best tan day.

What to expect at your appointment :

A tan technician will give you a spray tan consultation and walk you through the process.

You undress to your comfort level, we give you sticky flip flops to protect the soles of your feet.

We have tanned customers in anything from shorts, t-shirts, to bathing suits,  

feel free to call your technician ahead of time to discuss any questions or concerns.

We apply the spray tan solution in under 15 minutes.

You then dry for a minimum of 5 minutes before re-dressing.

You leave to enjoy the benefits of your new bronzed body!

Note: If you have more time to allow your skin to dry this is more beneficial. After your tan you will want to re-dress in dark loose clothing and flip flops. This prevents any chance of the tan rubbing off during its processing time. We require frontal coverage to do the tan on a male. We supply paper bottoms and tops for woman if they choose to wear them.